B-Corp (Benefit Corporation) is a type of corporation that you need to get your business certified. Most companies’ only goal is to make a profit. This is not the case for non-profit organizations, but these still have a mission that drives them. A B-Corp must take into account the triple bottom line, which is People, Planet, and Profit. It should do good for people by taking care of its employees and not exploiting them, while also taking care of its community. It takes into account the planet by looking at its environmental impact and trying to reduce that. But it still has the goal to make a profit, which is what makes it different from a non-profit, for example.

A company must get certified to advertise the seal that you can see on products, with a letter B. If you see that certification on a product, you know that that company is likely operating better for the planet than other companies, so you should favor B-Corporations.

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