Use LED Lights

When it comes to lighting your home or business, LED lights is pretty much the only way to go. That is because they use 75% less energy and last 25 times longer.

Buy Local

Buy food and products that is more local because it uses less transportation energy to get to you.

Buy Less Stuff

Everything you buy requires energy and resources to produce and deliver to you. One of the quickest ways to make an impact is to just reduce your consumption.

Buy Sustainably Made Clothing

Sustainably made clothing is made of sustainable materials like organic hemp, bamboo, cotton, linen, and wool. Also made without harming the environment with toxins.

Use Rechargeable Batteries

Instead of buying single use batteries that you need to recycle in a special way, buy some rechargeable batteries and a charger and stop having to buy packs of batteries.


Compost your food scraps to get that organic matter back into the farm system to support regenerative farming.

Recycle Properly

Check with your trash collection company to verify what you can recycle and how to make sure you do it correctly. Otherwise it can end up in the landfill.

Catch Rain

Collect the rain that falls on your roof every year to use for your water needs and help save water.

Walk or Bike

The most sustainable way to get around is to walk. It requires no products so no energy used. Next is to bike.

Work From Home

When you work from home you don’t need to travel to the office so you save energy from that transportation.

Support Sustainable Government Policies

Advocate, support, vote, protest, and promote all government policies that will support sustainable living goals. And do the same for political candidates who support those policies who will help implement them.

Bank at a Local Credit Union

Instead of using a big corporate national bank for your checking account, use a local non profit Credit Union to keep your money local and for better causes.