Support Sustainable Government Policies

Advocate, support, vote, protest, and promote government policies that support sustainable living goals. Do the same for political candidates who support those policies and will help implement them. Unfortunately, individual actions to make your own life sustainable will not be enough. There are many people who are not aware or do not care about living sustainably. The only way we can truly make enough change is through government regulation. We need regulation to ban the use of fossil fuels, single-use plastic, unsustainable farming practices, and more. The government needs to force the changes we need to make in order to protect our own existence. The government and our tax dollars need to be spent on restoration, regeneration, and sequestration projects in order to bring carbon out of the atmosphere and restore our environment to a healthy state. 

Here are the top policies that government should focus on:

  1. Convert to clean renewable energy.
  2. Require regenerative farming practices.
  3. Sequester carbon projects.
  4. Design communities to be walkable and bikeable.
  5. Provide easy public transportation on clean energy.
  6. Make all new housing all-electric and energy efficient.
  7. Regulate packaging to reduce single use and encourage reusable and compostable.
  8. Require composting and recycling.

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