Use Public Transportation

If you can’t walk or bike to where you want to go, use public transportation if possible. This means using the subway, trams, trains, or buses. Using public transportation uses fewer resources because you are sharing the ride with other people. Resources are used to build the train infrastructure and the trains, but then they are used by many people, instead of having to build individual cars for every person. If you use a car or take a taxi, you are using gas or electricity to move just yourself from A to B. When you share that ride with many other people, you use less gas or energy overall. 

Try to live in an area where you can utilize public transportation. Encourage your government to build effective clean energy public transportation. We cannot continue to have a car-based culture. It consumes too much energy to build the cars and operate them. Having cars for us to share would be fine, but for our everyday activities, we should be walking, biking, or using public transportation and only using a car for trips that require it.

We also need to invest in a high-speed rail system to travel longer distances between cities instead of flying. Flying has one of the biggest impacts because it uses so much fuel.

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