Good Human Projects

Below are projects that the Good Human organization is working on. All proceeds fund additional Good Human projects. Good Human operates as a not for profit and provides opportunities for impact investments. If you are interested in being an impact investor in one of our projects please contact us.

Eco Community Development & Management

Our mission is to develop and operate a 100% environmentally sustainable community consisting of housing, farming, office space, and some other basic human needs within a short distance.  Build a strong community of exchange of goods/services within the community and to foster relationships though common spaces and provide a strong connection with nature.  The idea is to implement the ideas of sustainable living into reality and be a model for the rest of the world and continue to build more communities and expand into entire regions.

Objectives and Requirements:

  1. Sustainably built and operated
  2. Beautiful Design
  3. Integrated with nature
  4. Operated with high customer satisfaction
  5. Built affordable
  6. Good quality. Not luxury where you overpay for actual value.
  7. Employees earn enough to have a high quality of life with good work/life balance working 4 days per week and 60 days vacation per year.
  8. Provide innovative solutions to improve life quality.
  9. Provide community members a high quality of life. 
  10. Provide rent to own options favorable to buyer.

The Approach:

We want to disrupt the real estate development industry by bringing the client, developer, architect, contractor, and ongoing property management under the same organization. By doing this we can deliver a strong vision from start to continued operation of the community. We will also remove inefficiencies and issues that can arise from traditionally segregated roles in a project like this since all parties will be working towards the same goal.

Eco Resort & Research Center

We want to create a hotel/resort that is 100% built and operated in a sustainable way. This hotel would serve as a smaller scale example of how we can build and live in a sustainable way. It would showcase leading sustainable living solutions. With this we would be open for the public to come and stay at the resort to learn and see these solutions in real life and inspire people to live more sustainable and advocate for change in their communities at home and worldwide.

The resort would be set in nature and would also provide time for guests to connect with nature to promote an appreciation for our environment. We would hold events that showcase music, food, and talks to attract guests. And provide a space to relax with a sauna and soak in a hot tub.

In addition to the building and rooms being built with sustainable materials and designed using sustainable methods we would have a regenerative organic farm that would provide food for our on site restaurant that would promote sustainable eating practices as well as being mindful of where our food comes from.

Lastly the eco resort would be a continued place of research on how to live sustainably. The organization would continue to research and test solutions on the property to put into practice and showcase the best solutions. And we would offer tours and classes to teach people about sustainable living.