Permaculture is a set of design strategies to think about the whole system mostly related to growing food. You try to design a garden, farm, or food forest to be regenerative, organic, and a circular system. The concept also relates in general to building a system in balance with nature, using natural systems, and sustaining a community. 

Common ideas in permaculture:

  1. Compost food scraps and animal manure to use as fertilizer.
  2. Catch rainwater and hold in a pond or holding tanks.
  3. Use cover crops to return nutrients to the soil.
  4. Plant different types of plants that use and provide different elements from the soil that then benefit all the plants together. 
  5. Plant different species of plants with different heights so they can be grown together in smaller space.
  6. Develop a food forest. Plant and grow food-providing plants in our cities and gardens.

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