The Need for a Strong World Government

We need a strong world government to define and enforce basic laws over the whole world. These laws should protect basic human rights and environmental laws. Environmental laws that affect the world or surrounding regions, not necessarily only local damage. Examples like CO2 emissions, plastics into oceans. Basic human rights like safety, shelter, food, and water. We need to adopt a mentality of global citizens that stand for these basic needs of humanity and respect all other aspects of local cultures and encourage and support our unique expressions in different regions. This global government should not be optional or by invitation.

The reality is that the pollution of burning oil in one country goes into the atmosphere that the whole planet share. So one country could be polluting “their” air and affect the entire planet. Or a country can dump so much plastic into the ocean and the ocean currents carry that plastic all over the oceans. So unfortunately we do need to enforce some global environmental regulations in order to protect all people in all countries.

Another issue is making a country to stop polluting the earth by burning oil when they are poor and struggling, while other countries have increased their wealth by burning oil the last couple hundred years. To make it fair, wealthier countries need to provide some support. These countries who have damaged the earth need to pay the actual cost of the damage.

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