Biophilia is the idea that humans are drawn to nature. When we design a building or anything similar, we should look to nature for inspiration and try to design something that makes it feel natural or connects people with nature. For example, you can have wide open sliding walls that open up to the outside and see the forest. You can create an indoor garden wall to have many plants inside a building. Or you can design a couch to look like a leaf. You could use more natural materials, such as wood and stone, instead of plastic. A not-biophilic design, for example, is an office building with fluorescent lights in a carpeted room, with no plants and all rectangle cubicles. Or it’s a city with concrete and buildings and not many trees or parks.

The idea is that being in nature is a normal state for humans, and therefore, we feel better being in nature. So, we should try to keep our built environment feeling more connected with nature.

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