Circular Economy

We need to consider the full life cycle of all products we produce to return them to a circular balanced ecosystem.

Green New Deal

Potential government legislation, programs, investments, incentives in the country to reduce CO2 emissions and prevent climate change.

Life Cycle Analysis

To measure the environmental impact of a product’s full life from sourcing materials, producing, distributing, disposing, and recycling.

Ecological Footprint

How to measure and report on how much of earths resources it takes to exist for an individual, product, business, house, city, or country.

First Nation Wisdom

The Native Americans lived in balance with nature for thousands of year before industrial times. We can learn from them.


Certified companies with a triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.


Humans feel good in nature and our built environment should connect us with nature.


Design strategy to be in balance with nature, using natural systems, and sustaining human community.

Carbon Offsets

You can donate money to projects that remove carbon from the air to balance the carbon you emit into the air.


Reusing unwanted materials into new products without too much processing like recycling.


Previous land used and controlled by humans are converted back to nature to make them wild again.