Buy and Receive Sustainable Gifts

Take your sustainable living practices to gifts as well. Living sustainably, as you have learned, is about buying the right products and only buying what you need. Holidays and birthdays make us all buy gifts and support this consumer culture. Unfortunately, we give and receive many gifts that are not needed or wanted, and that waste makes an impact on the environment. 

Here are a few ideas for sustainable gifts you can get for people or advise your friends and family to get for you as a rule:

  1. Experience Gifts: Buy a ticket or gift card to a concert, show, trip, restaurant, or lesson/class.
  2. Consumable Gift: Buy any food or beverage that will be consumed, like chocolate or wine.
  3. Charity Gifts: Donate to a charity that you support.
  4. Tree Planting: Donate to an organization that plants trees.

If you must buy a product, then follow the same principles of buying other sustainable products and things you know the person really wants and needs. Encourage them to return it if they don’t need it or want it.

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