Buy Sustainably Made Clothing

The most sustainable clothing is the clothing you don’t buy. Before buying anything, consider if you really need to buy it. Buy your clothing with intention. You’ll want to buy from companies that support sustainable practices, which means they source their materials from sustainable sources and produce the clothing with sustainable practices and humanely. Good materials for clothing are hemp, bamboo, cotton, linen, and wool. But the source must be from a regenerative farm or at least be organic.

Rayon and modal are made with natural materials like wood pulp but require harmful chemicals to convert it to fabric. Polyester is made from plastic, which is made from oil. Also, when you wash clothing made of polyester, micro plastics wash into the water system and into the oceans and potentially, our drinking water!

You also need to know how the clothing is dyed. The blue jean industry dumps toxic dyes into the waterways in Asia. You want your clothing to have natural dyes. 

Buy high-quality, durable clothing so it will last longer and you will buy less of it. Spend the extra money for sustainable clothing and it will also last longer.

Buy from producers that are more local so you support the local economy and less transportation energy is used.

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