Donate to Sustainable Organizations

You can donate to many great non-profit organizations that are fighting hard to protect the environment or provide research and solutions to climate change and sustainable living. Here are a few of my favorites:

Sierra Club

This US non-profit is well known, well established, and trusted. They work to protect the environment and fight back against the government and corporations in the courts and lobbying activities. They try to prevent more oil drilling by stopping government leases, close down coal plants, protect national parks, and encourage governments to pass policies that protect the environment and implement environmentally friendly solutions. 

Project Drawdown

This non-profit researches solutions to prevent climate change. They provide a breakdown of solutions and ranking for each one in terms of how much carbon it will remove from the air. Their focus is on removing carbon from the atmosphere to prevent climate change. Some of the solutions are changes for ongoing operation, and others are big projects that we can do to just take carbon out.

World Wildlife Foundation

WWF is a global non-profit organization that works to protect our nature. They work in 100 countries to protect oceans, forests, water access, food production, climate change, and wildlife species.


This is a global non-profit fighting to protect our environment. They identify problems and crimes, and protest and communicate about them, as well as any solutions. They are more like activists and focus on communicating and promoting, not litigating like the Sierra Club. They are supported by donors and get no money from the government or corporations. They don’t endorse political candidates, so they can stay focused on the mission.


Their focus is stopping the burning of fossil fuels to prevent climate change. They support clean energy solutions, help get bans on fossil fuels, and help remove financing to the fossil fuel industry.

National Forest Foundation

TThey plant trees for your donation. So much of our forests has been cut down and continues to be cut down. It is important that we plant trees to replace our forests to store the carbon out of the atmosphere.

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