First Nation Wisdom

First Nations include Native Americans and any other groups of people who inhabited a place before they were conquered or colonized. These were the civilizations that lived in the area for thousands of years prior to the industrial revolution. First Nations survived in their land by learning it well and figuring out how to live in balance. Every territory has different weather, animals, plants, soil, systems, patterns, etc. Since Europeans colonized the Americas only a few hundred years ago, we don’t have the long history and knowledge of this land. We also have fully adopted an industrialized culture and processes. With our efforts to live more in balance with the planet and live more sustainably, the First Nations can provide knowledge of how to do that since they have been doing that for thousands of years. We can learn from them and their way of life to help with these efforts. Some First Nation cultures lived in balance with the land, but there were also some that did not and perished because they depleted their resources. We can also learn from the civilizations before us that collapsed.

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