Get Solar Panels or Wind Turbines at Your House

If you are already hooked up to the electricity grid, the best and easiest thing to do is call your energy company and opt in for 100% clean renewable energy. This will help fund the electric company to build more infrastructure for renewable energy. It is a more efficient use of resources to build larger scale solar and wind farms than small individual ones at your house. However, if your electric company does not have a renewable option or if you want better control and backup of your own energy usage at home, then install solar panels or a wind turbine to generate your own clean electricity. 

Another benefit of installing solar on your roof is that you can utilize roof space for something beneficial. The energy company needs to lease large tracts of land to set up solar panels. But  solar panels on every building requires no extra land.   

Many cities and states offer rebates and tax incentive programs for installing solar panels. Contact your local solar or wind turbine installer, and they can provide the full breakdown of costs and long-term payoff. Often, you can even get financing for the upfront costs, and it just ends up saving you money in the long run. 

When you install solar, you can also opt to have it hooked up to the electric grid to sell your excess energy back to the energy company. This is great because you make money on your extra electricity, but you also use electricity from the grid if needed. However, in some scenarios, this still makes your electric system reliant on the grid since it is processed through their system. This means if the grid goes down for whatever reason, then you can’t just use your own electricity without changing it. Be sure to ask these questions and understand the pros and cons before you decide.

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