Make Your Garden Water Efficient

If you have a garden or yard, change it to have plants that use no extra water or less water. A grass lawn takes a great deal of water to keep the grass healthy. You can design your garden with native plants and pathways going through plants and trees instead of a lawn. If you want something like a lawn, consider fake grass. Go to your garden supply store or hire a landscape designer, and tell them you want to make your yard with water-efficient plants. Native plants of the area typically don’t need extra water because they evolved to live in that region naturally with the usual rain. So, those are always good options. 

Design your watering system to use the least amount of water. A watering system on a timer that is hooked up to the internet to know the local weather will adjust watering times if it is a rainy day. Use moisture readers to understand if plants need to be watered. Set up drip irrigation systems that drip water specifically where it needs to go — by the roots — instead of sprinklers, which spray everywhere on the leaves and evaporate in the air. Also, water in the morning before it gets hot.

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