Work at a Job That Supports Sustainable Living

In addition to making efforts to live sustainably in your personal life, you can work at a company that also helps the world live sustainably. Work for a company that has practices to operate in sustainable ways.

A few example jobs:

  1. Clothing company like Patagonia that is trying to adopt sustainable practices to produce clothes. 
  2. Farm that uses sustainable regenerative farming practices. 
  3. Any organization that helps protect the environment.
  4. Construction company that builds using sustainable materials and practices.
  5. Producer of electric cars, public transportation, or induction stoves.
  6. Clean renewable energy developer, such as solar panels or wind turbines.
  7. Restaurant or grocery store that sources sustainable food. 

Even if a company is not doing something specifically that helps the world live sustainably, at least evaluate what the company does and how it operates to judge if you think they are having a bad impact on the environment, and choose not to be a part of that type of company.

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