Add a Microplastic Filter to Your Washing Machine

If you have any clothing made of polyester or other plastic-based materials and wash it in a washing machine, little microplastics can shed off the clothing, go into the water system when the machine drains, and end up in our rivers and oceans. This is a big contributor to the pollution of microplastics all over the world. We are finding micro plastics even in the bodies of our sea life and drinking water. 

Try to buy clothing that is made out of natural materials instead of plastic like polyester and nylon. Then you won’t need to worry that you are polluting the environment with microplastics. If you must have polyester clothing, then buy from a good brand of good quality that hopefully will not shed microplastics as much.

You can also install a microplastic filter on your washing machine that will catch and filter all the microplastics out of the water before it goes into the drain. A device like this can cost about $140. There are also laundry balls you can buy that catch microplastics, which you just throw in with your clothes. The Cora Ball costs $40. It’s best if you use both solutions to catch more fibers. Another option is getting a Guppy Bag for $30 that you put your synthetic clothes into and then wash with the rest of the laundry. This bag helps prevent plastics from shedding off your clothing and captures any that do.

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