Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

For all cleaning products, you want to get non-toxic products that don’t harm the environment. This basically comes down to using more natural ingredients and fewer harmful chemicals. When you use soap and shampoo, these products end up going through our sewage system, water systems, and into the oceans. If you use harmful chemicals in your soaps, then you are polluting the environment. The same goes for laundry detergent and any cleaning products for the home or business. Look for products you can trust that advertise themselves as being good for the environment. 

Buy cleaning products in bulk size with refillable bottles to use less packaging over time. You can buy one hand soap dispenser, then get large soap containers to refill it instead of buying a new plastic soap dispenser every time. The same goes for dish soap. If you can find a source in your neighborhood, refill your cleaning supplies in existing bottles. Some grocery stores have bulk cleaning products areas, similar to how they sell seeds and nuts in the bulk section, where you can fill up your reusable containers.

For bath soap, the most sustainable option is locally made bar soap made of natural organic ingredients. This takes less transportation to get to you and has no packaging.

Another benefit of buying cleaning products that are good for the environment is that it is good for your own health. There are seriously toxic cleaning products like bleach that contain harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds)—when you breath them in, it can cause health issues.

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